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Recording what you've spent

When did you spend this money? Click on the right month name. (If you can't see it, click on one of the arrows at the right-hand end to move the list left or right).
On the right-hand panel click on Enter Payment
When this panel appears, fill in:

  • The date when you paid the money
  • The name of the person or company you paid it to
  • The number of the cheque you used to make the payment. If you used cash or a card, choose one of these from the drop-down menu. If you paid in some other way, type the payment method in the box. This will also make it easier to find if you need to later on.
  • The total amount (figures only -- don't add a pound sign!)If you are VAT registered then put the total including VAT, truly simple will work out the VAT for you. If you need to, you can delete or over write the VAT figure
  • At the bottom, choose the type of payment (e.g. Materials or Labour). If it's another kind of payment (like Telephone), just type the name into the box. If you do this, truly simple will add this name to the list.  Another time you'll be able to choose this name again just by clicking the arrow at the right-hand end of the box and choosing the name from the drop-down list.
    Finally, click on Enter Receipt, and the details will come up on the main page.

Note: The program will automatically give this payment a number. You should write the number on the bill or receipt - this will help you and your accountant to check your figures later on.

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