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truly simple is designed to be exactly that. Itís beautifully simple to use, and you donít need to know anything about accounts, book-keeping or tax law.. But you will find it useful to understand a couple of the terms we use in the program.

Income is anything that shows a payment you have received. It could be, for example, a wage slip, a P60, an invoice from your business, a bank statement, or a statement from an investment account showing interest that has been paid to you.

Payment is anything that shows a payment you have made. It could be, for example, a receipt for something youíve bought, or an invoice or statement from one of your suppliers.

truly simple makes it incredibly easy to

  • record the money you've earned
  • record the money you've paid out
  • correct mistakes
  • look at summaries for each month and for the whole year
  • look at summaries for how much money to put aside for tax
  • and send your final figures to your accountant.

What you need to do

truly simple will help you keep an accurate, up-to-date record of all the information you need to do your tax accounts.

Use it to keep a record of everything you spend for the business, and everything you earn from the business each month.

If you make a mistake, there's no problem - you can simply amend anything you've done.

And at the end of the year you just press a button to send your records straight to your accountant.

It couldn't be simpler!

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