Q: If my circumstances change can I upgrade truly simple?

A: You can upgrade at any point during your year to accommodate any changes or needs of your business. Simply select yout profile option from the top menu when you are logged in and upgrade your Truly Simple package.

Q: What happens if I make a mistake on truly simple?

A: Don’t worry mistakes are easily fixed. Simply click on the name of your customer or supplier and it will bring up the original entry box. You can then amend the mistake and press confirm.

Q: If my details change can I update truly simple?

A: Updating your details is really easy. Simply go to your “Account” tab, select “Profile” and amend your details where you need to.

Q: Can I email my accounts to someone else other than my accountant?

A: Yes! You can email your accounts to any email address you like.

Q: If I get stuck, can I get help from someone?

A: If you do get stuck, don’t worry. There are helpful hints in all areas of truly simple. Just hold your cursor over the area of question and a hint should help. If this does not resolve your query you might be able to find your answer on the help sheet provided under your “Account” named “Help sheet”. If this does not answer your question then you can easily email us and one of our team will contact you back within 2 hours (with in normal working hours Monday -Friday 9.00am – 5pm).

Q: Can I do truly simple on my phone?

A: Yes you can do your accounts from your phone if you have access to the internet from your phone. However, our developers are currently working on an app for the near future to make it even easier for you to do your accounts on your phone.

Q: Will truly simple work out my tax exactly?

A: Truly simple’s unique tax calculator will give you a guide as to how much money you should put away for tax purposes. As there are many elements that affect your tax position, the platinum package will give you the exact tax calculation at the end of the year. However if you follow the guide of the online tax calculator you will put enough aside to cover any tax liability.

Q: How can I pay for truly simple if I wish to upgrade from the free basic package?

A: We only use PayPal for all our payments. We believe this to be the simplest safest and securest method of payment for our customers.

Q: How will my accountant get access to my information?

A: This is really easy, you have two options here. You can either give your accountant your login details and they can log into your account to obtain the information. Or you can simply email the information over to them.  They may wish to see your original receipts, but they will let you know what other information they will need to complete your returns.

Q: If I subscribe to the platinum package, will truly simple need to see my original receipts and invoices?

A: Yes, the original receipts and invoices will need to be checked, but don’t worry, we will send you the envelopes for these documents to be sent to us. All we ask is that you send the information by recorded delivery to ensure their safe arrival and we will also return the documents to you by recorded delivery.

Q: Is my data held securely?

A: Yes your data is encrypted and stored securely. When you sign up and use Truly your data is secure with a 2048bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate.

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